The Thaluas is a digital company working on providing futuristic solutions, while experimenting on some in-house projects. We are known for our unconventional style of working and focusing on long-term benefits with organic growth.

‘The Thaluas Digital Services (TTDS)’ is a growth hacking and digital marketing agency. We are known for writing the finest quality of online content along with search engine optimization (SEO); while knowing the importance of maintaining the right balance between on-page and off-page SEO. Given our expertise in making impeccable strategies, the social media marketing (SMM) and social media optimization (SMO) done by us gains more traction than the usual. When we go for paid promotions on Google, Facebook, or any other platform, each and everything is strategized to increase the return on investment. As the content holds immense power on the fate of success, we make sure that each one of us has that artist in us who can create the content, graphics, videos, gifs, etc that are loved by the masses.

Online world is ever-evolving with the changes in the algorithms of search engines as well as social media platforms. The secret of our growth hacking is ‘good command over the functioning of algorithms’ and of course the research data. We keep our hawk-eyes on how different types of content are performing and that’s how we create most amazing growth hacking strategies. So, when we do digital marketing, the processes are backed by deeply researched growth strategies, which help in increasing the return on investment. So yes, you get more in what you spend with us.

Why Are We Called ‘The Thaluas’

The Thaluas survives on its wit and intellect of creating impeccable strategies based on deep research and analysis. So, we have a unique philosophy and culture inspired by great people from our history such as Sir Isaac Newton, James Watt, Albert Einstein, and Leonardo da Vinci. All of these people were sitting in idleness before changing the world. Hence, we have named our company ‘The Thaluas’.

‘Thalua’ is a typical Hindi word, mostly used in Uttar Pradesh, India, meaning ‘an idle person’. Had Sir Isaac Newton not been sitting under the tree for a very long time, the apple wouldn’t have fallen over his head; and if he had been so busy just like all of us, he would have never given it a thought that why that apple fell over his head downward rather than going upward. He could afford to think all of gravity because he was ‘idle (Thalua)’. So yes, we prefer to keep our minds idle to give space for the out-of-the-box ideas. We also do meditation for the regular cleansing of our minds. That’s how we manage to work toward our passion for making big things.

How ‘The Thaluas’ Came Into Existence

Surbhi Bhadauria is the ‘Chief Thalua (CEO)’, who seems to be buzzing around all the time doing something. But, inside her mind, there is usually not much going on. She likes to save her thinking for the important things. On September 29, 2016, she got the idea of starting The Thaluas, while sitting idle. Since then, she is working toward her passion.

Surbhi says, “I won’t call myself ambitious, rather just passionate. I love making big things. One or two successful products won’t quench my thirst, so I started TTDS (The Thaluas Digital Services). Here I fulfill all my desires of making big things by working on the great ideas of people. The more it challenges me, the better it is. I love to stay ahead and at The Thaluas, I mean to do it very much.”